cutting edge sport - cutting edge company

The new and exciting recreational sport of Cutboarding was born out the elements of water skiing and wakeboarding. These early beginnings come from the founder of the sport and Co-owner of Rocott, Klynt Marcusse, and his passion for the water. Growing up riding almost anything that can be towed behind a boat, Klynt found an opportunity in boarding that he felt should be pursued. This is speaking of the break between the slalom aspect of water skiing and the sideways stance of boarding. Klynt had a dream to bridge this gap, cutboarding.

The cutboard took on many forms before finding its final design. From the onset, two problems were evident that needed to be explored. These were an effective and working design of the board and materials/ procedure to be used to create the boards. Through numerous trials and just as many failures, a final solution was realized that allowed for a sturdy board to be constructed with exact design specifications in which the cutboard could navigate its arcing maneuvers.

The cutboard has been hand carved out of wood and foam, molded out of fiberglass, and made in numerous garages. Now as demand has risen, production must rise too. We now have our boards made in a state of the art manufacturing facility where quality is still maintained at the same level that the first boards achieved. This board comes from a grassroots movement, and this company maintains that feel as we expand our reach further each and every day.