"Cutboarding isn't about a pre-conceived image. It's about waking up before the rest of the lake; and getting out there and cutting up that stained glass. It's a passion for the water. Naturally it's the next progressive step in the boarding sport.

Cutboarding is the aggressive thrill of slalom-skiing bred with the standard directional footing of a wakeboard. Cutboarding was inspired by top performance of slalom skis. The cutboard boasts a double concave undercut which allows an increase of the entry angle with the bottom rails into the water. The beveled edges around the outside of the board allow for seamless transition during aggressive cutting maneuvers. The double fins were custom designed to allow for maximum control. The continuous rocker of the board allows for the tightest of turns to be executed. The traditional wakeboarding stance of the cutboard allows for maximum stability and versatility among a wide range of riding styles. The boarding community encapsulates such a diverse group of riders, and the cutboard was designed after this.      

Cutboarding will give recreational users the stability they need while providing experts the thrill they demand." 

- Klynt Marcusse, creator of cutboarding